You can always contact us from within the game, using the contact forms in our FAQs or through email. 

Contact us from the game: 

  1. Open the game
  2. Tap on the Settings icon (it looks like a cogwheel)
  3. Some games have a question mark icon; others say “Support” or “Help”; tap on either of them. 
  4. Select “Contact Us” or the plus icon + to submit a request.

If you encounter issues in the game or inappropriate behavior, most of our games have a ‘report’ option in chat. You can use this button to bring this to our attention, and we will handle it. Typically this can be done by pressing the ‘Report’ button next to any particular player’s name. From there, you can give a reason for reporting and enter further details so that we can investigate properly. 

Contact us from the FAQs: 

You can send us a request from the link below each article. 

(Choose the correct game from the top left drop-down menu first and navigate to an FAQ article)