We want our games to be a safe environment for our players to have fun and enjoy their gaming experience, this is reflected in our Terms of Service and Player Code of Conduct, where we ask our players to behave in a respectful manner and be mindful of other players. 

These recommendations are here for you as a parent to get involved in your child’s gaming live and to educate them in different ways to stay safe while playing:

  • Get to know the games your child is playing: Talk with them about the games they play and give them a try! Become familiar with the features in the game and potential risk for your child. For example, if the game has chat, make sure to remind your child about not sharing personal information. Make sure you both get familiar with the ways of reporting suspicious behavior to us so that we can handle it if you or your child were to encounter inappropriate behavior. 
  • On the note of personal information, check your child’s username and make sure it isn’t revealing information about them, such as their real name, birth date, etc. and that the name is not inappropriate or against our rules. 
  • In-app purchase settings: To prevent accidental or unauthorized purchases, check out your child’s device purchase settings so that you can restrict or prevent purchases. You can find more information about this here
  • Have a conversation: Talk with them about internet safety, why it’s not safe to share personal information with your online friends, what rules apply for them when playing games, etc. 

If you or your child have questions about our game, contact us! We have an extensive help center with the most frequent questions for our games, but if you can’t find what you’re looking for there, feel free to contact us, we are here to help!