If you encounter technical issues while playing (crashes, freezes, sound, or visual glitches), we're here to help!  

1.  First off, completely restart your game. 

2. Ensure you have a stable internet connection. 

3. Make sure your game is updated to the latest version. You can check the version on the app store where you downloaded it from. 

4. Verify your device's time settings match your current location. 

5. Re-install the game on your phone. NOTE: ONLY do that if your progress is saved via Facebook, Google Play, or Sign with Apple. This way, you can restore your progress after reinstalling. 

6. Avoid active downloads/uploads during gameplay as they use up connection resources. 

7. Close any other apps running in the background while playing the game. 

8. Keep an eye on your device's storage and ensure there's no unnecessary junk data hogging up space. Too much storage usage may cause performance problems. 

9. Make sure your device software is updated to the latest version.

10. Give your device a fresh restart. 

11. For Android devices, try clearing the application cache:

- Go to device settings > Applications
- Select Angry Birds 2 in the application list
- Find the Clear Cache button, tap it, and reopen the game

If you still run into any tech issues, reach out to the Player support and provide the following info:
- What problem are you experiencing (opening Tower of Fortune or Daily challenge, watching ads, etc.).
- When did you first notice the problem (after updating the game, reinstalling it, etc.)?

Happy gaming! 😊🎮